Commercialized solutions "as a service", with hiring by volume and monthly payment.

Automatic document (ID) analysis

A product that uses computer vision and machine learning to analyze identification documents (ID) like CPF, RG and CNH (Brazil's ID) as well as proof of residence.

Works 100% on line and without human intervention on the identification process.

Ideal for credit analysis operation, profile and fraud detection.

Areas of activity: financial services, retail, e-commerce, document expertise, and others.

While the market works with image resolutions above 300dpi, our product can retrieve data on images as of 72dpi.

Leads and Analytics

A product made to find private individual and legal entity, performing analysis based on their attributes, variables and even geographical position.

Create campaigns and send e-mail marketing, sms and whatsapp.

Enrich your database through our data.

Evaluate relationship between entities through our graph viewer.

Easily generate leads, insert your client relationship and our machine learning engine will show you the best contacts.

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What we do?

Hereunder are our specialities, what we love and do with extreme dedication.

Using newest technologies for frontend and backend.

We develop in native language to reach a better user experience.

We are specialists in a variety of database technologies, enabling us to make your project and also maintain your operation.

Software-defined storage with Hadoop, Spark and machine learning.

We will prepare your team in database, development and operating systems. We can perform our training "in loco" for a greater convenience of your team.

We put our workforce at your disposal to act in your project.

Technologies we master

Latest Projects

Hereunder follows our latest three projects made by our team with proud.

Ultra fast textual search for "Transparência Brasil"

API development and database for search in Information Access Law.

Has been used NodeJS and Elasticsearch for better search performance and flexibility.

Click hereunder and access the website Achados e Pedidos of Transparência Brasil.


New Abraji portal

Development of the new portal of Abraji, a CMS to quick disclosure of courses, publishing and news of "Associação Brasileira de Jornalismo Investigativo".

We have adopted VueJS for frontend, NodeJS for backend and MongoDB for repository.

The final version is about to be published, stay tuned and check it.


Media Portal

Development of a media portal for our partner "OLI Soluções", with automatic conversion for poor quality videos view/play. Also have user management, content moderation and audio transcription for fast search.

Has been used VueJS for frontend, NodeJS for backend, MySQL as portal repository, machine learning for automatic transcript of audio in text and Elasticsearch for fast search through transcripted audio.